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Ridgewood Farm
RWF Temmoku
RWF Temmoku

Ridgewood has always been focused on breeding exceptional quality individuals for the show market. We have been rewarded with many World Champions to our credit and continue to strive for the next Great One. This page features young horses that are waiting in the wings--our own, or RWF horses we have sold--and for our audience to watch for them as well. If you're looking for a prospect horse for yourself, please refer to our Sales page to see what we currently have to offer, as some of those are also represented here with our other prospects.

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RWF CELESTE 2019 Black Mare

Dragonsmeade Warlock And The Best Goes On Simply Maserati
Sioux's Hot Tamale
HVK Clairvoyant HVK Hotspur
HVK Flairvoyant
Dash Of Spice Beethoven Noble Flaire
Myblue Heaven
Simply Apropos Simply Maserati
Mt Echo Augustina


Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon Dragonsmeade Axios And The Beat Goes On
HVK Obsidian
Christinia Dellarose On Line
Troutbrook Gypsyrose
FRF Fairytale Pond View Tres Biend Futurity French Command
Baymeadow Prima Diva
FRF Bridalveil DBA Street Talk
Rush To Judgement

No Photo Available

RWF DYNASTY 2020 Stallion

On April 30, 2020, 'Carolina' presented us with a beautiful bay stud colt by Leonardo's Cry. We have named him RWF Dynasty and his barn name is Nolan. His immediate pedigree reflects three Hall of Fame broodmares as well as the vaunted Wham Bam Command daughter, Schiaparelli. We are anxious to watch him unfold and are hoping for a stallion prospect.

Leonardo's Cry SLB DaVinci HVK Bell Flaire
Dancity Gracious Remark
HVK Ancient Cry HVK Make 'Em Cry
TRE Exactly As Ordered Mizrahi HVK Bell Flaire
Kim's Bellegante HVK Bell Flaire
Napaley's Obssession

RWF Harry Trotter

RWF HARRY TROTTER 2017 Brown Stallion


Congratulations Mrs. Fran Pugh and Tara Farm on your selection of this outstanding young stallion. We wish you much success with "Daniel."

Dragonsmeade Icon Mizrahi HVK Bell Flaire
HVK Obsidian HVK Bell Flaire
HVK Dragon Fly
Dash Of Spice Beethoven Noble Flaire
HVK Belleek
Simply Apropos Simply Maserati
Mt Echo Augustina

No Photo Available

SARALIN ENIGMA 2019 Black Mare

No Context HVK Bell Flaire Noble Flaire
HVK Belleek
Saralin Vogue Heir Of Fortune
Envy Madison
Marchesa Mizrahi HVK Bell Flaire
Elegant Heir Trophy's Jade
Cedar Creek Karenina

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