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Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter
A World Champion Retires

There is one heck of a horse show happening in the heavens.

For here, between this world and the next,
Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

Here we honor Morgans we've bred, owned, shown, enjoyed at home, or that have influenced our lives and therefore the Ridgewood breeding philosophies.

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A Touch of Elegance


'Ellie' had a tremendous influence on Ridgewood. She was an own daughter of Wham Bam Command and we were elated to get her. We bred her to Tara's Cherokee, crossing back into Trophy and In Command bloodlines, not unlike the Tara Farm program we studied so closely. The resulting foal would be named the 2000 World Champion Mare, RWF Noelle. That win with Noelle changed the face of Ridgewood and propelled us to set sail on a new course of breeding excellence, or so it seemed.

The following year, while she was foaling a bay colt by Cedar Creekharlequin, Ellie died - and in losing her we lost our hearts as well. We miss her as much today as we did the day she left us. She was a once-in-a-lifetime mare and we are grateful for the short time we owned her.

Since then Ridgewood has been re-born, but we remember our foundation mares and hold them very dear.

Wham Bam Command Waseeka's In Command Wakeeka's Nocturne
Miller's Adel
Trophy's Corrigan Trophy
Blossom's Laurel I've Arrived Windcrest Mr. Success
Applevale First Lady
Rapidan Deborah Wind-Crest Ben Davis
Becky Bennfield

Apogee Killer Bea

APOGEE KILLER BEA 1989 Chestnut Mare

Bea came to retire at Ridgewood in Colorado. She was given to us by Drs. Ray and Allison Bendele to enjoy for pleasure riding around the farm.

Bea had been shown many times as a Western Pleasure mare and that good training made her a wonderful trail horse. We lost Bea all too soon, but are grateful to have had her for the short time that we did. She was a special part of our lives and we remember her fondly.

Yellow Iris Surprise Yellow Iris Stevens Chasley Superman
Mancunian Petticoat
Green Meads Fortune UVM Promise
Windcrest Lady Luck
Garwood Topseeka Applevale Boy King Kingston
Ledgewood Pecora
Waseeka's Virginia Waseeka's Nocturne

ATMF Majorette

ATMF MAJORETTE 1989 Chestnut Mare

The dam of four wonderful foals by Salem Command, including HFM Rock My World, Back Street Rhythm, Never Surrender, and the winning Jr. Exhibitor English Pleasure Horse Commanding Knight, Majorette is also the dam of FRF Curtain Call (by Serenity Masterpiece) who produced the outstanding FRF Kate Spade, by Mizrahi, for Kurt and Teri Rumens. We were very impressed with this big, stretchy mare and her wonderful old bottom line and so we bred her to Queen's Romeo and in 2009 she produced a dark bay colt for Ridgewood Farm named RWF Maestoso.

Her last foal in 2012 was a lovely stallion by Master Suite named ES Master and Commander, bred by Dawn Karkoski, who helped Majorette over the Rainbow Bridge in 2012.

ATMF Jason Lee Higuera Sondarling High Pass Duke
Honey Gold
WM Chantilly Lace San De Glenn R
ATMF Superlative Figure's Courageous Chasley Superman
UVM Heather
Mackinnon's Embrin Top Flight
Miss Bundy

Bealoved at North Star

BEALOVED 1980 Bay Mare

I remember walking past her stall at the Jubilee show and thinking she was the most beautiful yearling I had ever seen. She was sired by Beamine and had his trademark huge eyes and tight swivel ears. She was, in every aspect, exquisite. At the time, she was owned by Jaklee Farm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Steve Quaid was her trainer at the time and also a mentor and friend of mine. Years later, when Jaklee Farm was dispersing most of their herd, Steve made Bealoved available to me. For Ridgewood she produced RWF Dearly Bealoved by Irish Ebony. We lost her to a brain tumor, an untimely death for a very elegant mare. When I'm thinking of Bealoved, I'm taking a walk down memory lane. She was very special to me.

Beamine Beamington Mr. Breezy Cobra
Ellen Bar
Pleasant Lady Middlebury Ace
Illawanna Jean Ann
Falcon's Ladylove Funquest Falcon The Brown Falcom
Dot S Bell Ann
Dellama Cinnamon Lad

Beaming Beauty


When Beaming Beauty became available for sale via auction, I was excited. We had owned her full sister and full brother and an opportunity to purchase Beauty was a dream come true. We quickly made arrangements to purchase her prior to the sale and she came to make her new home in Michigan.

Beauty was as lovely as her photos suggest. She was a big mare and absolutely beautiful. For Ridgewood, she produced one foal, RWF Lord Of The Dance, sired by Valiant Tony. Lord Of The Dance is owned by James Ivorie Fors in Pittsfield, PA.

We feel fortunate to have owned Beaming Beauty and feel blessed that such a lovely mare was able to spend her golden years under the expert care of Jan Currie at Elysian Fields.

Beamington Mr. Breezy Cobra The Airacobra
Jenney Lake
Ellen Barr Barberry
Elberty Linsley
Irish Ecstasy Casey Tibbs Homestake
Shy Ann
Senabar Senator Graham
Ellen Barr

Bella Prima

BELLA PRIMA 2001 Bay Mare

We have admired Bella Prima and her produce in the Copper Beech program for years and are grateful for the opportunity to have her produce foals for Ridgewood. Sally is out of a full sister to WC Centerpiece, and she is a 3/4 sister to One And Only (currently in the Schengrund breeding program), MKS Just Cause (dam of Diablo In Red and currently in Schendgrund's breeding program) and Prediction (dam of AWS Icon and AWS Fruition). Sally is also a paternal sister to the World Champion Mares Flawless and Decadence.

Our plan was to breed her to one of our young stallions in the future, however her life was cut short prematurely.

WWW Reality Check Dot Com DBA Street Talk Serenity Masterpiece
Kinglow's Cherish
Points Of Light Serenity Masterpiece
Oakmead Amity
Just Because Serenity Masterpiece Serenity Grandmaster
Serenity Remember Me
Phaeton Hill Harmony Betsy Lee's Major
Penn State Melody

Brief and Jeff

BRIEF ENCOUNTER 1987 Chestnut Gelding

He was with us such a short time - just months - yet his unexpected passing brought incredible pain to our lives. We will never forget the joy he brought to us, his stoicism through pain he did not let us see, the passing of a legend. Brief Encounter won multiple World titles for the Galatz family and later Tara Farm. He came to Ridgewood to retire. We planned a retirement party for him at the Circle J Horse Show and he attended as though he were the king. The very next day, he was gone. Goodbye, dear friend....we will NEVER forget you.

I Will Command Waseeka's In Command Waseeka's Nocturne
Miller's Adel
Trophy's Corrigan Trophy
Southview Whisper Royal Oaks Annton Waseeka's Skylark
Wincrest Ann
Tapnor Top Secret Caven-Glo Revenue
Libby Ashmore

Dragonsmeade Evensong - Saddle


We waited a long time for the opportunity to purchase Evensong and were very happy that she was a part of Ridgewood. Unfortunately, we lost this wonderful mare on April 9, 2012 due to an enterolith rupturing her small intestine. Rest in peace, Evie. We loved you so much!

Beethoven Noble Flaire Noble Command
Lost River Sanfield
MyBlue Heaven Waseeka's In Command
Wynakee Alvina
Simply Appropos Simply Maserati Dancity Sojourn
Sioux's Hot Tamale
Mt Echo Augustina Petalbrook Augustus
Mt Echo Viscountess

FCF Elana

FCF ELANA 1985 Chestnut Mare

Elana was sired by one of our favorite stallions, Sorento, and out of the good producing mare, Brentwood Lady Lea. She also carries the distinction of having produced the first RWF-bred World Champion, RWF Victorious, by Duke of Wynne. Elana was a typey mare with a great shoulder and a lot of talent. She passed these traits on to her produce, of which there were far too few. She was a foundation mare for Ridgewood and one that we revere even to this day.

Sorento Prince Cobra Chief Cobra
Dove's Breeze On Mr. Breezy Cobra
Azurewood High Time
Brentwood Lady Lea Royal Oaks Andrew Waseeka's Skylark
Windcrest Ann
Erin's Lady Maureen Fleetwing
Freeman Evening Star

with her 2012 filly


We were fortunate to acquire Nobelle Prize as an aged mare. Among her notable get are Futurity's Touch Of Harley, one of the foundation mares for Kevin Schengrund's SSLLC breeding program, Boston's Big Whammy, a titled show horse currently owned by Debra Hurst Walters, and World Champion Futurity's Miss Munitions who is sired by Tug Hill Whamunition and owned by the Dodson family. The video clip here is of Miss Munitions' daughter by WC Stonecroft Trilogy.

Worthy to note is that Nobelle Prize is a full sister to Futurity French Command.
Prize produced a beautiful bay filly by DBA Street Talk in 2012. Unfortunately, we were forced to say goodbye to this wonderful mare on October 18, 2012. She is sorely missed at our farm.

Carlyle Command GCH Waseeka's In Command Waseeka's Nocturne
Miller's Adel
Waywayanda Bay Maebel Broadwall Patrician
Brown Mae
Nobelle Noble Command Waseeka's In Command
Waseeka's Interlude
Waseeka Valiant Lady Waseeka's Showtime
Helicon Calliope

HF Northborn

HF NORTH BORN 1981 Chestnut Gelding

His name morphed from 'North Born' to 'Nanook of the North' to 'Nook.' And he was a blast. We bought him in utero and he carried the HF prefix (Harmonette Farm) as that was the precursor to Ridgewood's RWF. Scottie Matton showed him for us in two year old park harness and despite his airs above the ground, was able to keep him between the shafts long enough to win a class or two for us. We sold Nook to Shamrock Farm in Kentucky, where he became a National winning show gelding for Ashley Taylor Wilson and her brother, Ethan. In that role, he was a very special horse and I believe he died at Shamrock Farm--a beloved member of their family.

Rockridge Manor Born Donlyn Of Windcrest Upwey Ben Don
Stone Field Sue Lucky Stone
Jan Mansfield
Arrowhead Silhouette Applevale Replica Pecos
Azurewood FleurDeLee Flying Jubilee

HVK Reflection


'Natalie' was a full sister to HVK Vibrance and HVK Man About Town, all being out of the Wham Bam Command daughter HVK Radiant. Wham Bam Command has played an important role in our breeding program through the years, as we revere the Trophy/In Command crosses. Our thanks to Copper Beech Morgan Farm for the opportunity to purchase this great mare and give her a home for her last years on earth. She thankfully left us a beautiful 2015 filly to replace her, RWF Vergara, by Mizrahi.

Noble Flaire Noble Command Waseeka's In Command
Waseeka's Interlude
Lost River Sanfield John Wayne Brady
Jason's Winett
HVK Radiant Wham Bam Command Waseeka's In Command
Trophy's Corrigan
Rapidan Iseult Windy Hill Maestro
DSF Trophy's Milady

Hylee Sadie Hawkins

HYLEE SADIE HAWKINS 0000 Chestnut Mare

I met 'Sadie' at Country Manor Farm in Cannon Falls, MN as a yearling. Jackie Millet, now Sweeney, owned CMF before it later took on the name of it's predecessor, Hylee Farm. Sadie was an impressive yearling and you could pick her out in a pasture as the most beautiful, the most upheaded, the most talented. She went on to storm the show ring by winning a World title in Oklahoma in Two Year Old Park Harness. Years later, Sadie came to Ridgewood through the generosity of Bob and Debi Boies, Landrum, South Carolina. She had one foal for us, RWF Tuscany, before her much-too-early death. We were fortunate to have her full sister, Hylee's Dirty Dancing, in our group of mares for a short time. She is different than her sister, but there is no denying the family resemblance.

HVK Fancy Dan HVK Fieldmarch Vigilmarch
Julie Bennfield
HVK Gandy Dancer Royal Fleetson
Foxy Rhythmette
HVK Ondine Elm Hill Charter Oak Pecos
Bar-T Coreder
HM Blue Velvet Kadenvale Don
Bar-T Contoria

Hylee’s Justintime

HYLEE'S JUSTINTIME 1971 Chestnut Mare

'Tina' holds a special place in our hearts, as she is the mare that served as the foundation for our love of producing Morgan horses. For us, she produced Thunderbolt TBM and Northernaire--both by Rimlo Black Valiant. In addition, she produced the winning show gelding Flaire De Lark by Waseeka's Skylark and the first Morgan to carry the RWF prefix, RWF Kristina, by Irish Ebony. She also produced a lovely chestnut filly by Sorento that we named RWF Best Of Times. Mention Tina in the presence of myself or Jake Hendzel and you'll get the same instant response--'she was the best of the best.' We loved this grand old mare.

Hylee's Justa Parade Justin Dart Squire Burger
Black Dee
Easter Parade Parade
Hylee's Jacktop Hylee's Top Brass Max Hi-Ho Kid
Dolly Mae
Cyanna Congo

Intrinsic Beauty with Stan Bodnar


Beauty left us much too soon, but prior to her passing she blessed us with two wonderful foals. They are World Champion RWF Paganini and the up and coming prospect, RWF Whamerican Beauty. Paganini, sired by Beethoven, won the World Champion Junior Gelding Championship as a yearling in Oklahoma. Whamerican Beauty, now two, was recently purchased by Mountain Aspen Morgans as a show prospect and future broodmare.

When Beauty died, she was under the vigilant care of the Martin family and Aljak Acres. For those of you who have seen Aljak Acres, you know she passed while enjoying a little slice of Heaven on earth. We are blessed to know she had such wonderful care in her final days.

Timelok Serenity Masterpiece Serenity Grandmaster
Serenity Remember Me
MKS Super Kay Serenity Grandmaster
Serenity Tender Mist
Cy Don's Marleen Dee-Cee Mr Trophy Trophy
Dee-Cee Caprice
HLM Temptress Tas-Tee's Firefly
Starlite Frolic

Irish Ebony with Doris Ryan

IRISH EBONY 1980 Black Stallion

When we were first into Morgans, we fell in love with the Beamington offspring. We had seen Irish Ebony as a yearling at the Jubilee Regional Show and were later able to purchase him as an adult stallion from the Dodson family. He sired several foals for us and some of our clients before we sold him to Dave and Carol Allen in Wisconsin. In addition to Ebony, we owned his dam, Irish Ecstasy, and his sisters, Irish Oh My and Beaming Beauty. We tried hard to buy Irish Elegance, too, but couldn't quite get that done! It was a family affair--the 'Beamingtons' bring back wonderful memories of our early days with the Morgan horse.

Beamington Mr. Breezy Cobra The Airacobra
Jenny Lake
Ellen Barr Barberry
Elberty Linsley
Irish Ecstasy Casey Tibbs Homestake
Shy Ann
Senabar Senator Graham
Ellen Barr

Irish Ecstasy

IRISH ECSTASY 1970 Chestnut Mare

To have had the opportunity to own Ecstasy was an honor. Through our pastures had passed Irish Oh My, Beaming Beauty, Irish Ebony, all by Beamington and ultimately the foal 'Stasy' was carrying when she came to us, FCF Anastasia, by Sorento. We are blessed to have had Stasy spend her final years with us at our farm in Michigan. She was extraordinarily elegant. Her fourth offspring by Beamington, Irish Elegance, was most reminiscent of her dam.

Casey Tibbs Homestake Red Vermont
Majoret P
Shy Ann Mack L
Elsie B
Senabar Senator Graham Senator Knox
Ellen Barr Barberry
Elberty Linsley

Irish Oh My

IRISH OH MY 1979 Bay Mare

I remember Doris Ryan telling me Oh My named herself - those were the first words out of Doris' mouth when she saw the newborn at the side of her dam, Irish Ecstasy. Oh My was the first yearling to win the National Futurity class in Oklahoma with her handler, Steve Quaid, for Jaklee Farms in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Oh My and Bealoved were two fillies at Jaklee Farm that I loved and I'm so grateful they eventually spent time at Ridgewood. It was Irish Oh My and her siblings, along with Bealoved, that serve as the foundation for my lifelong love of breeding Morgan show horses.

Beamington Mr. Breezy Cobra The Airacobra
Jenney Lake
Ellen Barr Barberry
Elberty Linsley
Irish Esctasy Casey Tibbs Homestake
Shy Ann
Senabar Senator Graham
Ellen Barr

RWF Bellalucia


Another great filly by DBA Street Talk, we considered Bellalucia to be one of our very best. She was a stunningly beautiful baby and the last foal from her world-champion producing dam, Futurity's Nobelle Prize. Quick to the draw, 'Zelda' was purchased as a weanling by John Suprenant and Charlene McCarthy of Paragon Morgans in Pelham, NH. Unfortunately, she was lost tragically young.

DBA Street Talk Serenity Masterpiece Serenity Grandmaster
Serenity Remember Me
Kinglow's Cherish Devan Pride
Devan Danvere
Futurity's Nobelle Prize Carlyle Command Waseeka's In Command
Wawayanda Bay Maebel
Nobelle Noble Command
Waseeka Valiant Lady

RWF Case Closed - Ken Martin Photo

RWF CASE CLOSED 2006 Chestnut Stallion

We've never sold a colt as fast as we did 'Carlos.' He was three days old. We had photos that Ken Martin had taken for us. I showed them to Debra Hurst and she said she wanted him. I said he was expensive and she wrote the check. The deal took less than five minutes. Amazing, but not as amazing as Carlos was as a baby. Unfortunately, he died much too young, so he never realized his full potential. To those that knew him, he was a special colt. His early death remains a disappointment.

Aljaks Double Whammy Century Free Spirit Wham Bam Command
Windhover Antigone
Liberation Starbrite Wham Bam Command
Austin Flying Cloud
Slip Into Silk Serenity Masterpiece Serenity Grandmaster
Serenity Remember Me
Cy Don's Cynthia Dee-Cee Mr. Trophy
HLM Temptress

RWF Hallelujah


"Violet" was the first born foal at Ridgewood in 2012 and is also the first foal that Halle Berry had for us. Her sire is AFF Leroy Brown, who is also the sire of World Champion Bada Bing. We lost Violet to colic at just four months of age. She was a beautiful filly and we were blessed to have her in our lives, even if only for a short period of time.

AFF Leroy Brown Cedar Creekharlequin I Will Command
Serenity Anna Rose
Delusions Of Grandeur Serenity Masterpiece
Serenity Wind Song
Halle Berry Stonecroft Byzantine Stonecroft Masquerade
Century Enjolie
THB Heaven's Frenchstarlet Futurity French Command
Brentwood Alicia

Photo: Ken Martin

RWF NOELLE 1998 Bay Mare

We call her our Millennium Mare, as Noelle was crowned World Champion Mare at the 2000 Grand National & World Championship Show. Sired by Tara's Cherokee and out of a Wham Bam Command daughter, Noelle is the Ridgewood culmination of years of studying the Tara Farm breeding program. Her pedigree is rich in the blood of Trophy and In Command. We are honored to have bred such a beautiful mare and pleased that she has returned to the broodmare ranks at Ridgewood Farm. Noelle delivered a bay colt by Cedar Creek Flambeau on June 29, 2014. We named him RWF Jack Black.

RIP June 7, 2016

Tara's Cherokee Tara's Schecinah Waseeka's In Command
Tara's Phaedra
Southerly Maria Trophy
Cherokee Love Song
A Touch Of Elegance Wham Bam Command Waseeka's In Command
Trophy's Corrigan
Blossom's Laurel I've Arrived
Rapidan Deborah

RWF Victorious - World Champion 2-Year Old Park Harness

RWF VICTORIOUS 1995 Chestnut Gelding

There is no moment of greater joy than when a horse carrying your prefix, that you have bred and have loved, steps into the coliseum in Oklahoma City and gives your farm it's first World Championship title. This outstanding gelding stepped up to take the Two Year Old World Champion Park Harness Championship title and we are extremely proud of that accomplishment. 'Vic' was sired by Duke of Wynne and was out of our great mare, FCF Elana. The thrill of that moment can still excite me today. We've bred World Champions since, but there is no thrill as exciting as the first. Thanks for the memories, Vic.

Duke Of Wynne Waseeka's In Command Waseeka's Nocturne
Miller's Adel
Kane's LaDonna Green Mead's Adonis
Kane's Barbie Doll
FCF Elana Sorento Prince Cobra
Dove's Breeze On
Brentwood Lady Lea Royal Oak's Andrew
Erin's Lady Maureen

Tara�s Cotillion


We salute Tara's Cotillion as she was our initial introduction to Tara Farm and the beginning of a friendship that continues today. I first saw Cotillion at the Morgan Grand National when she was just two years old, and went to visit her in her stall. I continued my following of the Tara Farm horses for decades and feel my study of their breeding program has helped shape the decisions we make in the RWF program today, relative to effective linebreeding. Cotillion came to Ridgewood late in life and produced just one foal for us, RWF Dances With Wolves, a bay colt sired by one of our favorite Tara Farm stallions, Tara's War Paint.

Tara's Hallmark Empyrean Apollo Pecos
Windcrest Nancy C
Bar-T Regina Orcland Leader
Top-T Debutante Waseeka's Top Talent Waseeka's Nocturne
Deerfield Leading Lady
Lippitt Glenna Lippitt Ethan Don
June of Glenmere

Thunderbolt TBM

THUNDERBOLT TBM 1979 Black Stallion

T-Bolt was an impressive black stallion son of Rimlo Black Valiant and our foundation mare, Hylee's Justintime. We had great fun showing him as a yearling at the North Star Morgan Show and winning the yearling futurity there. We also showed him as a two year old in hand and in harness very successfully at the regional level--Jackie Sweeney was his trainer. T-Bolt died of a twisted intestine late in his two year old year and we were devastated. It was our first experience losing a horse to colic and a very painful process for us. We have fond memories of Thunderbolt even though he was with us for a very short time.

Rimlo Black Valiant Jubilee's-Heyboy Black Jig
Hillview Jubilee
Hillview Jubilee Fudge Royale
Hylee's Justintime Hylee's Justa Parade Justin Dart
Easter Parade
Hylee's Jacktop Hylee's Top Brass

Valiant Tony with his best friend, Jake Hendzel

VALIANT TONY 1980 Bay Stallion

SHEER JOY are the words that come to mind when I think of our association with Valiant Tony. We are indebted to Mrs. Pugh for sharing him with us in his senior years. He produced just two foals for us, a chesnut gelding out of FCF Elana that we named RWF Triumphant, and a bay colt out of Beaming Beauty that we named RWF Lord Of The Dance. We were devastated when Tony broke his leg at Ridgewood but, through the expertise of the veterinarians at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he was able to live a long, happy and wonderful life under the care of Jan Currie at Elysian Fields. Much can be said about his show career with Whitney Stables, but for us it was just a love affair with a great Morgan stallion. Rest well, dear friend...

Noble Command Waseeka's In Command Waseeka's Nocturne
Miller's Adel
Waseeka's Interlude Waseeka's Nocturne
Waseeka's Thisizit
Waseeka Valiant Lady Waseeka's Showtime Waseeka's Nocturne
Waseeka's Thisizit
Helicon Calliope Waseeka's Nocturne
Windcrest Prima Dona

Wynne Commotion

WYNNE COMMOTION 1978 Bay Stallion

Most people who know Morgans and have been around for a good long while remember Wynne Commotion. He survived a fire in Michigan and endured burns across the majority of his body. A good sire of show horses and broodmares, he sired 66 foals before coming to us late in life. We spoiled him, keeping him knee-deep in straw and shrouded both summer and winter in blankets that would protect him from the sun and the snow. A beautiful son of Waseeka's In Command, we include him here in tribute to his greatness of heart. We were blessed to have him at Ridgewood and in our lives.

Rest well, old boy.

Waseeka's In Command Waseeka's Nocturne Starfire
Upwey Benn Quietude
Miller's Adel Upwey Ben Don
Gertie G
Deb's Little Bess Green Meads Adonis Wind-Crest Donfield
Abbington of Shady Lawn
Kane's Debonette Kane's Jon-Bar-K
MIller's Debutante

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